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Indian Spices are sought after since thousands of years for their Aroma & taste! They not only add a special flavor to our Food & tickle our taste buds, but play the vital Role of Medicines in our Kitchens. . In ancient times, spices were as precious as gold; and as significant as medicines, preservatives and perfumes. Exotic Quality, Aroma, Pungency & Taste of Indian Spices have always amused the world & attracted Travelers, Rulers, Businessmen & Sailors to this Land.

India - the Land of spices plays a significant role in the global spices market. No country in the world produces as many kinds & quantity of spices as India . India is Blessed with Varied Climatic conditions from Tropical to Moderate Temperatures , Plenty of Rainfall & Fertile Land together making perfect conditions for growth of all Spices . India Produces 106 varieties of Spices (notified & Un notified) & approx 3.00 million M.Tons of Spices a year.

The word “Spectrum" means seven different colors of light ,& it is our endeavour to introduce the different exotic varieties of Indian Spices & superfood cereals to the world and from this our company was named "Spectrum International.

We welcome you to know about our group’s vision, Mission, culture, our Exotic Range of Indian Spices, Cereals & Foodstuffs & specialty products. Please write to us for any other info you may seek.

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A Company with Heritage & Legacy of about 75 years Dealing in Indian Spices, Rice , Cereals & Foodstuffs passed on from one generation to another , today we are a Prominent Manufacturer & Exporter in the Spices & food industry . Our Late Grand father Hon Shri Pasubhai Vora made a modest start in Mumbai in the year 1941 with a wholesale business of food grains & Spices . The Family Legacy continued & Spectrum International was Established in the year 1994 led by Mr Viren .Vora , having Decades of Experience & in depth knowledge of every Indian Spice & foodgrains grown here , with relentless commitment towards Quality & very high Business Ethics.

Our Company Manufactures & Exports Indian Whole Spices & seeds , Tamarind, Spice powders, Blended masalas/ Seasonings ,Herbs ,Basmati & Long grain Rice, Cereals, Oil seeds & Indian foodstuffs from every corner of India . We want the world to. "Celebrate the Spices of India", & you can Relish the magic with our brands "AL Sultan, Tamika, Flavorz & Jalsa".

Over the years we have deep Product integration & direct sourcing from farms that are famous for each spice produce, which gives us the best price advantage . We adhere to Strict manufacturing processes to ensure the AROMA & Flavours in spices remain intact. Our Manufacturing Plant is ISO 9001: 2015 certified . Following Strict Quality standards & regulations of each Country , our Clients are always at ease.

Today Ultimately all Businesses run on Trust & faith.. .! Backed by Vintage Values , Strict Quality & Packaging control , Strong Principals, Product knowledge , Business Ethics , & Customer centric approach form the core Driving Force of our Company , and it is our Endeavour to Continue Research & development work in every Product/

Our products are available in many countries and serviced by a strong distribution network. The Company is Looking to Appoint more Agents & Distributors for all its Brands in sub serviced & new Markets.

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