With Indian Spices , one can definitely Live to Eat !

Indian Spices are sought after since thousands of years for their Aroma & taste ! they not only add a special flavour to our Food & tickle our taste buds , but play the vital Role of Medicines in our Kitchens. In ancient times, spices were as precious as gold ; and as significant as medicines, preservatives and perfumes . Exotic Quality , Aroma , Pungency & Taste of Indian Spices have always Amused the world & attracted Travellers, Rulers, Businessmen & sailors to this Land .. India - the Land of spices plays a significant role in the global spices market. No country in the world produces as many kinds & quantity of spices as India. India is Blessed with Varied Climatic conditions from Tropical to Moderate Temperatures, Plenty of Rainfall & Fertile Land together making perfect conditions for growth of all Spices. India Produces 106 varieties of Spices (notified & Un notified) & approx 3.00 million M.Tons of Spices a year.

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News and Update

  • Another Export ban of Rice - "Broken Rice" from India Announced
  • Indian Govt Bans Export of Wheat from India . Some MNC'S already sitting with huge stocks.